2018 SkillsUSA Council Culinary Challenge

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Feb 21, 2018 Comments Off on 2018 SkillsUSA Council Culinary Challenge Skills USA

The Challenge, a fundraiser for SkillsUSA Council, is heading into its 9th year and features two Culinary students from each of our five Career and Technical Schools, making up five teams with each team being paired with a local chef. The students begin working with their culinary instructors and the chefs a few months out to develop a dish based on a selected region and assigned protein. The dish they develop will be served to our guests at the Challenge, scheduled for March 22nd at LCTI, and guests are able to vote on their favorite dish – the “People’s Choice” award!

2018 Local Chefs:

Randy Zerfass – Lehigh Country Club
Will Rufe – Lehigh University
Shawn Doyle – Savory Grille
Daniel Goulet – Lords Valley Country Club
Gregory Caracappa – Sodexo



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